Healing the Wounds of History

Healing the Wounds of History recognizes the importance of psycho-social approaches to healing through self-awareness, understanding, forgiveness and transformation and integrates these well-researched methodologies in training of professionals, teacher education as well as conferences and other events. Healing the Wounds of History programmes are essentially different experiential journeys through which people become more aware thatContinue reading Healing the Wounds of History


The InterFaith.Directory presents a great start point to research and understand more on interfaith – interreligious dialogue and action. search Interfaith Organizations identifying with these frequently used WORDS. enviroment | dialogue | health | women | grassroots | peace | conflict | tolerance | community | education | culture | justice/community | action | ecumenicContinue reading InterFaith


the GHFP operates fundamentally as an International Think-Tank and Research Organization engaging fully in thinking and applied research throughout the range of our activities. URL: ghfp.org/publications URL: ghfp.org/research

Dialogic spaces

GHFP Peace Seminar series: Interreligious dialogue and interfaith events aiming to bring people from diverse backgrounds together in order to explore spirituality as an important part of being human, and how such understanding can help transcend our differences. URL: GHFP Seminars Peace. Dialogue and encounter working in contexts [research, schools, dialogue-events, conferences] in Rwanda, LebanonContinue reading Dialogic spaces

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

5-Step Peace Process. It is to encourage peace, harmony and understanding between peoples regardless of our ethnic origin or religion. It is also to help us understand how our collective memories of the past influence our present identities and how we tell and live our lives. URL: Five-step Peace-Process Forgiveness as a Peace Process. ForgivenessContinue reading Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Human-Centred Education

Human-centred education aims at the development of the whole person and enabling the expression of full human potential through educational processes and practices. It employs a holistic approach to curriculum and assessment, depends on human relations between teachers, students, parents and other members of the community, and is achieved through addressing the unity of humanContinue reading Human-Centred Education