Spirit of Humanity Forum

To offer a global platform for leaders and change-makers seeking to contribute towards a lasting transformation in the world in which core human values such as love, respect, solidarity and compassion become integrated in our decision-making and relational processes, enabling systemic change in organisations, communities and nations.

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Human-Centred Education

Human-centred education aims at the development of the whole person and enabling the expression of full human potential through educational processes and practices. It employs a holistic approach to curriculum and assessment, based on human relations between teachers, students, parents and other members of the community.

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All forms of interactions and communication through speech, writing and/or any kind of shared activities that help mutual understanding and/or cooperation between people who self-identify religiously in one form or another.

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Peace Research

Peace is a formative process for our thinking and applied peace research rather than a conceptual object with some fixable definition. The research team has continued to explore the notion of peace, striving to achieve greater understanding of this concept in a more holistic and integral way.

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