Prof. Patrice Brodeur

Prof. Patrice Brodeur completed his doctorate studies at Harvard University. He is currently Canada Research Chair [CRC-IPG] at the University of Montreal, and Senior Adviser at the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for InterReligious and Intercultural Dialogue [KAICIID]. He recently completed a 3-week tour of 6 Arab countries to lecture on Pluralism in Canada and in Islam, organized by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is author of several books and numerous articles including a book entitled ‘Towards a Pluralist Paradigm: Religion and Democracy in the 21st century’.

The Canada Research Chair on Islam, Pluralism, and Globalization aims to contribute to peacebuilding through its research agenda focused on answering the following question: How, to what extent, and with what means, have Muslim communities contributed to peacebuilding, locally and globally? To answer this broad question, the CRC-IPG focuses on four research axes.

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