Dialogue on Peacefulness

International Dialogue Series on Peace and Peacefulness

On 14-15 Dec 2015, the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP) brought together a small group of international experts for a first dialogue in this series to consider the nature of peace and how to apply this understanding in determining the structures, systems and institutional cultures required to bring about a common political vision of peace internationally and globally.

During this first dialogue, we invited the participants to respond to the following questions:

a. What can we learn from our collective understanding and practices of peacefulness, including both our experiences of post-war reconciliation and the practice of our everyday lives? What are the strategic approaches to building peace before violent outbreaks locally, nationally and internationally?

b. How can we develop and integrate a transformed understanding of peace so that it becomes the common form of being and diminishes the likelihood of violence?

c. In this sense, what would constitute peace-oriented governance globally? How can key social institutions be structured or designed to support a culture of peacefulness?

The findings and contributions of these three dialogues will be brought to the Spirit of Humanity Forum in 2017 to share this learning with a larger international audience.

The insights from each dialogue and learning from the Spirit of Humanity Forum 2017 will be disseminated more widely in different forms of report in 2016/7, including volumes of edited books to be published by mainstream publishers.

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Forum: Spirit of Humanity Forum

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